Friday, March 30, 2012


I'll admit it. I timed this blog terribly. I do plan to pick it up again (God knows I have a ton of material to sketch and gab about these days).

Unfortunately, it's going to probably be a couple of months (that could be optimistic) before I can get back into it. Why, do you ask? We're moving.

That's right. We're taking our Little Nutter Nuts, we're packin' up their stuff, and we're moving to another house.

Are we insane, or what?

Actually, we've packed up most of their toys already (in storage so that we could, you know, sell our house), so they're about to revolt.

I know this illustration is lame, but that's really all I had time to do. I only did this one because I had other stuff I had to scan anyway. Haha. Sorry.

But, soon! I'll be back soon! Don't forget about me!

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