Sunday, November 20, 2011

Death by Stairs

My posts over the next month are going to be fairly limited as I tend to spend a lot of time making homemade Christmas gifts this time of year. Plus, I have a day job that isn't parenting that I do while I'm parenting. So, enjoy this one while you can! I plan to pick this thing up again when I finish up all my work and Christmas stuff!

My laundry room is down in my basement. The majority of my kids' toys are in the basement as well. So, every time I bring laundry downstairs, there's a significant risk of death or paralysis.

Also, note that my cat is darting under my feet at that exact moment, as well. He's cool like that. And, by cool, I mean heinous.

So . . . if nobody can find me, I could be lying on the basement floor amidst toys and laundry. Note that, please. Thanks.

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